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Mobile Legends Jujutsu Kaisen Skin Gifting (Estimated Send Period: 29 Jun – 1 Jul)

Purchase Mobile Legends Skin Gifting!

After successfully placing an order and making payment, please Whatsapp us at +65 9837-3736 or Telegram @SpaceGamingSG with your ORDER NUMBER so we can send you the sender’s information when ready.

How does Mobile Legends Skin Gifting with SpaceGaming:

  1. Place your order and make payment.
  2. Details of assigned sender(s) will be given to you within 2-3 Days.
  3. Please follow your Main Sender (and Backup Sender if any) and ensure that he follows you back.
  4. Estimated Send Period: 29 Jun – 1 Jul or earlier
  5. We do not accept rushed orders.


Important Notes for Skin Gifting

  1. It is required by Moonton to have at least 7 days of friendship before a gift can be sent.
  2. Schedule is only estimated and subjected to changes.
  3. Sender may be changed if we deem your current assigned sender as incapable of fulfilling order.
  4. Please prioritise following your sender as it is the only way we can send the skin(s).
  5. Do not unfollow your sender till you receive your skin (s).
  6. If you change your In-Game Name (IGN), please inform us ASAP.


No-Cancellation is allowed once order is Paid and Confirmed

  • If you unfollow our sender or obtain the skin before your sender gifts you the skin(s), you can pick from following options:
  1. If unfollowed – Follow your assigned sender and wait to fulfil the 7 days friendship requirement again.
  2. If skin is obtained – Convert to Diamonds and pay $4.00 fee.
  3. If skin is obtained – Change to another receiving account (if remaining event time is enough) and pay $2.00 fee.
  • The above cancellation options are subject to Space Gaming’s approval based on situation.

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Important for
Mobile Legends Skin Gifting

After successfully placing an order and making payment, please Whatsapp us at +65 9837-3736 or Telegram @SpaceGamingSG with your ORDER NUMBER so we can send you the sender’s information when ready.