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15 Mins Process: 9am to 2am

Processing Time: 30 - 90 minutes from 9.30AM - 2.30AM (may be delayed if there are overwhelming orders)

Refer to product listing for more details

Processing Time: 3 - 6 hours from 9.30AM - 2.30AM

Processing Time: 24 Working Hours


Wuthering Waves (3 to 5 Hour Process Time)

Steps to recharge Wuthering Waves with SpaceGaming:

  1. Select your desired packages, press “Buy Now” and make payment.
  2. PM us @SpaceGamingSG on Telegram or WhatsApp 98373736 with the Following Details
  • Game: Wuthering Waves
  • Login Method: Email / Facebook / Google
  • Email  / Username:
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • In-Game Name:


Other Important Information

  • Highly Recommended: Login via Connected Email, Orders with login via Google and Facebook will most likely face technical delays as they require a lot of verification.
  • Estimated Queue Time: 15 – 60 minutes (You can play the game while in queue)
  • Processing Time: 5 – 20 minutes (You cannot log in while we are logged in and processing)


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